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Схема dac-19m010

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There are several dozen of this model of monitor at my work since last year or so; the other day I found one on top of the dead electronics plunder pile recycling bin, looking brand new. Upon opening the monitor, this suspicion was confirmed by several visibly bulging capacitors in the low-voltage section of the power supply.

Note: This power supply board or very similar model appears to be used in a variety of monitors from different manufacturers. Depending on which one you have, your symptoms may differ to what I have observed on the ALW. In particular, the monitor may simply not turn on too-low logic voltage or software-controlled shutdown , may blink its power LED to indicate a fault, or may turn on for a few seconds and switch off again.

This is a wall-powered electronic gadget. Opening it and poking around inside carries a small, but non-zero, risk of electric shock even when unplugged. There is a K bleeder resistor across the mains filter cap, but this could fail. For your safety, wait at least one full minute after unplug to go near the supply board, and use a screwdriver with an insulated handle to short across the leads of the filter cap to be sure it is discharged.

If you see a fat spark and blinding flash of light, the safety bleeder resistor has probably failed, and you might want to reconsider poking around in here.

This is fairly straightforward. Pop off the plastic cover hiding the screws that attach the base. Once inside, more screws. Note that to get the final metal shields off, the backlight connectors and the ribbon cable to the button panel must be disconnected, then the scew-in posts for the video connectors and two screws concealed in the mains cord socket must be removed.

Surprisingly little, it turns out. There is one large power supply board made by Delta Electronics, Inc. My educated guess is that the controller boards are very unlikely to fail, so start by looking at the Delta board. By all accounts, bad capacitors are usually the underlying cause of these problems.

Due either to being under-rated or a sordid tale of corporate espionage see Wikipedia link above , the capacitors will gradually vaporize their electrolyte and sometimes not so gradually, with a bang until they can no longer perform their capacitorly duties, causing the monitor to go haywire. Their tops normally have a score pattern on them, but should otherwise be flat.

После длительного простоя отказался включаться монитор Acer AL, не горит индикатор даже красным ,. Я замерил мультиметром конденсаторы на пробой вроде работают , так же замерил транзисторы и резисторы, не могу понять в чем проблема, сейчас перезамеряю резисторы есть подозрение на них. Главный вопрос: какое напряжение должно быть на выходе контактов и если есть кто с таким сталкивался как решил, или кто знает почему некоторые резисторы всего 2х цветов полосы может они обгорели?

Еще если у кого такой монитор или завалялся такой рабочий инвертор, замутите качественное фото хочу взглянуть на резисторы. Мы принимаем формат Sprint-Layout 6! Экспорт в Gerber из Sprint-Layout 6.

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